We love kids and we want them to grow up loving their curls. Our children’s services are aimed at healthy curl care with age appropriate expectations.   We have specialized services aimed to help kids and their caregivers learn how best to keep their little one’s unique curls healthy and happy. A note on tears and tantrums: We want your child to associate haircare with joy and not trauma. We also know that sometimes children melt down. If a child is upset and the experience becomes extremely unpleasant for them, we reserve the right to end the service. This is for their sake and for the sake of the rest of the salon.  If a kid’s cleanse is booked with the cut, the full amount will be charged whether or not the child’s attention span allows for a full cleanse. Excess Detangling begins at $20.00 per 15 minutes. 

Distraction can be a good thing! Please bring enough entertainment for your child’s appointment. We have some books and coloring supplies, but please bring what you need. If you anticipate your child listening to a device, please bring headphones or earbuds so we can keep sound contained. 

For more in depth curl care education we have Curl Camp, a hands-on, group based workshop for curly caregivers to learn about and work on their own child’s hair.



Itty Bitty Kiddy Cut  **NO WASH -15 min appointment

 ~  OR ~

Itty Bitty** CUT + Kid’s CLEANSE 45 min appointment

This is a service for our littlest curl pals ages 5 and under who have a small amount of hair and a smaller attention span. 15 min. The Cut and Cleanse 30 min +Includes curl care education and resources for caregivers. Kid Cuts are for little people with a less than grown up amount of hair, and a less than grown up attention span. They take less time and are charged accordingly.


The Kid Cut is a mini Deva Cut for our cutest clients aged 5 to 9 who have a less than adult amount of hair and attention span.  Includes curl care education and resources for caregivers. Excess detangling begins at $20 per 15 minutes

Many children do have an adult amount of hair and their appointment takes just as long as an adult. For these children, please book a Deva Cut. Adjustments to timing and pricing can sometimes be made with your stylist, but we hope to avoid booking too short a time for your child. Please discuss your child’s hair with us when booking your appointment so that we can give them the best and most helpful attention. Please arrive with your little one’s hair dry, down, and detangled so we can see their natural curl pattern.