Model for Curl Power

Want a fun new ‘do? Maybe you’re bored and you need a change but need ideas. Maybe you have salon dreams but not salon money. Shoot us your details and we will contact you when we need models for different classes and to train new stylists. You can get incredible salon quality services that are crafted custom for you and inspired 100% by our creative curl specialists.

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Is your hair virgin to color? This includes but is not limited to old faded color that may no longer be visible, all demi, semi, and permanent color, bleach or lightener, henna, direct dyes, etc. Hair that is virgin has had all past color cut off.
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What Curl Power Needs In a Model *
I understand that in return for receiving free or discounted services as a model for Curl Power that the stylist is completing these services for training and portfolio purposes. As a model, I agree to be on time for my appointment and prepped as requested, photographed and I understand that my photo may be used for promotional or training purposes. As a model I agree to be a blank canvas for my stylist and that my stylist has full creative license for the service performed.