For our cuts and cleanse and styles we use two broad texture categories  has two different service times based on curl type Wavy to Very Curly, and SuperCurly/Kinky/Coily/4abc. Generally if your curls make a circle that is pencil sized or smaller you have SuperCurly hair. If your curls are bigger than a pencil you are in the Wavy to Very Curly category. Do you have VERY LONG or VERY THICK hair? Please call us so we can make sure there is enough time for your service.  The Deva Cut price is identical for either texture group, so please select the appointment description that best describes your texture to ensure we book enough time and we’ll take care of the rest.


Deva CUT/Deva To-Go CUT

Deva Cuts are customized haircuts for hair of any texture or length, designed for you. We use the DevaCurl® technique and curl-by-curl cutting on dry hair. Why dry? Because hair shrinks and changes as it dries. We want your hair to fall into a perfect cohesive shape when your haircut is done and each curl or wave shrinks a little differently, so on dry hair we know exactly where to cut it. Each curl is cut separately to achieve your desired shape and silhouette. We never “thin” or “texturize” curls so as to keep them full and strong from root to end. Deva cuts are followed by the:

Curl Power Cleanse and Style which includes education on what products we are using for you, why we are using it, and all the techniques you need to achieve your desired look at home.

Deva To-Go CUT

The Deva To-Go Cut is a service for returning clients only. The same curl-by-curl dry cut as the full service Deva Cut, but without the cleanse and style. Please arrive with your hair freshly cleansed and styled (4Ds) for your service.

Clipper Cut Not A DEVA

Shave it, fade it, buzz it short. For Straight hair or clipper work only. Includes our quick wash- no curl work.

Straight CUT 

A traditional haircut for our straight haired friends, executed on wet or dry hair at the discretion of your stylist. Includes a luxurious wash and dry. This service is for guests who have truly straight hair -meaning hair that naturally dries flat without any help-  and who appreciate the Curl Power vibe, a different kind of salon experience, with a focus on healthy hair and all around chill fabulousness.